List of resources and process suggestions to help NGOs deal with data requests from researchers

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e.g., how does research work, what should NGOs expect from researchers, how can NGOs best protect their clients, how to address issues of access to data, etc….

by Anne Bergen


These resources were sent in response to a request I sent to the listserv, the CBPR mail list, and the CFICE project. I was asking for recommendations about “resources aimed at community partners/NGOs who are struggling to deal with data requests from researchers.” (original text appended at the end of this document).

There was a strong response to this request – over 20 respondents provided diverse resource and process suggestions, and stories of dealing with similar issues. Although there are resources available, there are also gaps and a need to adapt resources to different contexts and sectors. There was also interest in exploring collaboration from a few people working in this area.

This blog post is a complication of these resource and process suggestions. Feedback is still trickling in, and I will update the list as suggestions arrive. Please share these resources widely! Many thanks to all who contributed.

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