Our Team


Anne Bergen, PhD

Photo of Anne Bergen

I help individuals and organizations transform knowledge into action.

Through my work in non-profit, government, and academic sectors, I help clients measure and understand the outcomes and impacts of outreach, education, and collaboration. I draw upon social science theory and evaluation best practice to develop frameworks and strategies for collecting rigorous, meaningful, and actionable data.  I am skilled in synthesizing evidence from multiple sources into coherent and useful products.

I love the challenge of co-creating and realizing research agendas and evaluation plans that meet the needs of diverse stakeholders. I believe in building a common understanding of problems and solutions through participatory research. I am skilled at navigating through the messiness of collaborative research and evaluation projects, and in mobilizing knowledge to inform policy and practice.

Skills: collaborative research; facilitation; knowledge mobilization; oral and written communication; program evaluation; project management; qualitative and quantitative methods; social psychology; stakeholder engagement; training

Collaborating Partners

Erin Pratley, PhD

Photo of Erin Pratley

I have worked with academics, not-for-profits, and social sector agencies design and conduct research and evaluation that yield relevant, timely, and in-depth information.

My graduate training is in food systems and I have an expertise in designing, conducting, and analyzing mixed methods for effective research results.

My strength is in the process of research- collaborating on design, working with various stakeholders, recruiting to and conducting primary research (including interviews, focus groups, surveys and observations), finding relevant secondary sources, and highlighting the story that emerges.

I enjoy writing academic publications, plain language reports, and outreach documents for various audiences.

Andrea Brown, PhD

UX Research Lead

Photo of Andrea Brown

I help organizations understand their user needs in order to make effective, data-driven decisions. Whether I am dealing with start-ups or government agencies, I work to understand and outline user needs, collect rigorous and meaningful data, and make pertinent recommendations.

Through my graduate-level training and my experience conducting human factors research, I have gained the strong qualitative and quantitative research skills necessary to effectively and efficiently conduct UX research, program evaluation, and human behaviour research.

I believe that taking the time to understand what users are doing / thinking / feeling results in a greater understanding of user needs and, in turn, this understanding leads to sound decision making.

Carolyn Pletsch, PhD

carolyn-2017I have a background in business development, human resource development, training and development consulting and program evaluation. I have 15 years of general management experience largely in co-operative and non-profit sectors, in such roles as the Executive Director of the Ontario Agricultural Training Institute.  I consult nationally as a researcher, a board of director’s trainer and on other matters related to governance.  My current area of interest is communications, particularly the use of internet and social media for the non-profit sector.

I have a Masters degree in Continuing Education specializing in Workplace Learning from the University of Calgary, and a Doctorate in Rural Studies from the Ontario Agricultural College at the University of Guelph.   The focus of my doctoral research was governance practice.

Georgia Simms, MA

Photo of Georgia Simms
I work in diverse contexts, providing specialized services that integrate my academic and artistic expertise.

As the director of IMAGEO artworks, I host dialogues and learning experiences that are informed by my creative practices, using dance and theatre tools to facilitate enlivened exchanges among groups of people. I guide learners in the development of skills that can enhance interaction, collaboration and wellness.

My past positions include serving as Engaged-Practitioner-in-Residence with the Community Engaged Scholarship Institute at the University of Guelph. This role involved the co-creation and implementation of arts-based knowledge mobilization strategies with faculty, students and staff.

I am excited by new challenges and enjoy designing processes that provide solutions through comprehensive inquiry, honest dialogue, reflection and creative action.