Our Team

Our team brings together people with content area expertise and transferable skills to fit the needs of the project.

Director and Principal

Anne Bergen, PhD


I help individuals and organizations transform knowledge into action.

Through my work in non-profit, government, and academic sectors, I help clients measure and understand the outcomes and impacts of outreach, education, and collaboration. I draw upon social science theory and evaluation best practice to develop frameworks and strategies for collecting rigorous, meaningful, and actionable data.  I am skilled in synthesizing evidence from multiple sources into coherent and useful products.

I love the challenge of co-creating and realizing research agendas and evaluation plans that meet the needs of diverse stakeholders. I believe in building a common understanding of problems and solutions through participatory research. I am skilled at navigating through the messiness of collaborative research and evaluation projects, and in mobilizing knowledge to inform policy and practice.

Skills: collaborative research; data management; facilitation; knowledge mobilization; oral and written communication; program evaluation; project management; qualitative and quantitative methods; social psychology; stakeholder engagement; training