Our Services

Knowledge Mobilization & Management

Turning (research) knowledge into action. Synthesis, dissemination, and data visualization. Strategies for communication, uptake, use, and impact. Reach audiences and build knowledge exchange relationships.  Combine individual knowledge and organizational data to inform decisions and practice.

Applied Research & Program Evaluation

Build research agendas and evaluation frameworks to meet the needs of diverse stakeholders. Mixed methods approaches to produce rigorous, meaningful, and actionable data. Develop common understanding of problems and solutions through participatory research and evaluation. Collect data that helps you and your organization work more efficiently and effectively.

User Experience (UX) Research

Better understand how your product meets your users’ needs. From software to more tangible products. UX research including usability testing, user interviews, focus groups, surveys, personas, and scenario testing.

Facilitation & Stakeholder Engagement

Creative and energetic facilitation and stakeholder engagement strategies. Improved decisions through closer connections with target audiences and collaborators. Small group planning sessions to complex multi-stakeholder multi-site projects and partnerships.